Monday, November 5, 2012

Wolf Kills

Photo credit: Steven Berkowitz - LINK

Photo by Luperca on Flickr

Photo credit: Mike Dunn - LINK

Photo credit: Deb Guyer - LINK

Gray wolf eating on bison carcass in the Hayden Valley. Photo credit: Alan Bauer


Blood and fur left in the snow after a wolf kill - LINK

Wolf kill - LINK



A captive gray wolf lays in a snowbank defending a deer carcass by snarling at an intruder and baring its fangs in central Montana. Photo credit:  © Dave Welling


Wolf with a caribou kill. Photo by Donald M. Jones - LINK

Gray Wolf at Denali National Park, AK. Photo credit:

Grey Wolf(Canis lupus) feeding on deer carcass - LINK

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