Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sutured/Stapled Head Incisions

Photo by V. de Paoli on Flickr


Glioblastoma brain surgery incision. Photo by ma vie en rouge on Flickr

Right craniotomy incision. Photo by PhotoDude on Flickr

Photo by CapnGimp on Flickr

Hair transplant incision - LINK


25 staples after a30 ft. fall - LINK


22-year-old shows a surgery scar lined with staples following an operation to fit him with a titanium plate under his scalp - LINK

40 staples after a skiing accident - LINK

32 staples - LINK

Post craniotomy incision, 16 staples - LINK

Photo credit: Francine Orr - LINK


Photo by neuropathee 2 on Flickr via ojimbo

6.5 inch craniotomy incision - LINK

Photo by barefoot snowangel on Flickr

Tension-free sutures after complete removal of the atrophic scar on the left temple - LINK

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