Friday, June 27, 2014

Cow Eye Dissection

Front view

Back view

Initial cut to make an access point for scissors

Cutting around the circumference

Vitreous humor leaking out of the incision

Iris and lens


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Monday, June 23, 2014

Painted Horse Skeletons

By artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope

The Visible Horse by artist Susan Harris - LINK

Artwork by Gillian Higgins

Artwork by Gillian Higgins





By artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope


By artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope

By Wildflower789 on Deviantart

By artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Sitting/Standing Dead

This phenomenon first appeared in Puerto Rico in 2008, four years before the first such funeral in New Orleans, with a 24-year-old murder victim whose viewing took place in his family’s living room, the body tethered against a wall. Angel Luis Pantojas’s funeral — called “muerto parao,” dead man standing — became an instant sensation.

Such funerals are still quite rare in the United States, though not unheard-of: This year, a deceased biker in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was towed to a cemetery in a homemade plexiglass coffin, his body astride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. There, in accordance with his longstanding request, he was buried, motorcycle and all.

The services began in New Orleans in 2012 with the death of Lionel Batiste, a brass band leader and dapper man about town. Mr. Batiste had said he did not want to have people looking down at him at his funeral, so at his service, Mr. Batiste stood with his hands on his walking cane, derby tipped to one side.

"Uncle" Lionel Batiste's body propped up at a funeral home as mourners said goodbye.

Funeral for 24-year-old murder victim Angel Pantoja Medina. The funeral parlor that prepared him told the AP, that they used some unique embalming technique to keep him standing up. He stood up in his mother's living room draped in a brown t-shirt, Yankee fitted and gold chain for the entire 3-day wake.

The body of Carlos Cabrera, alias "El Che Cabrera," dressed like Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara

The body of Christopher Rivera, a boxer who was shot to death, was propped up in a fake boxing ring for his wake in January in San Juan, P.R. Photo credit: AP
Dolores Lamboy touched a hand of her mother, Georgina Chervony, whose body was posed in a rocking chair for her funeral in San Juan in May. Photo credit Ricardo Arduengo/Associated Press

At the family’s request, a funeral home in New Orleans posed the body of Miriam Burbank. Photo credit: Percy McRay via Reuters

The body of Mickey Easterling, a New Orleans socialite, sits on a bench surrounded by flowers and some of her other favorite things at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, La. April 22, 2014.Top Photo credit: Matthew Hinton/The Advocate, bottom photo credit: CNN

The body of murder victim David Morales Colon, placed on his motorcycle in a peculiar viewing ceremony requested by his family

Deceased biker Bill Standley, 82, in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was towed to a cemetery in a homemade plexiglass coffin, his body astride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. There, in accordance with his longstanding request, he was buried, motorcycle and all.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Floral Organs by Camila Carlow

Human organs constructed of foraged plants by artist Camila Carlow. Camila Carlow is a Guatemalan-born artist based in Bristol, England. She works in a range of mediums, from fine art painting and photography, and as a cinematographer for video production. She currently spends her time marketing her artwork and freelancing as a photographer and cinematographer for short film productions and corporate video productions.








All images and info taken from her website here
You can find Camila's blog here

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Alternative Limb Project

The Alternative Limb Project provides unique prosthetics to either blend in with the body, or stand out as a work of art. They involve the wearer in all aspects of the process, from the conception of ideas to the finished product. Different options for your creation include real, unreal and surreal.

Sophie, the director, comes from an art background, with a first class honours degree at London Arts University where she studied Special Effects prosthetics for film and T.V. Upon consultation Sophie will take a cast of your sound side or use a donor foot/hand if you are bilateral.  She will take colour readings,  photographs, and discuss ideas with you should you want something a little different.

If your prosthesis is in direct contact with the skin, (e.g  finger,  toe,  partial foot or hand)  a  test piece will be made so that your prosthetist can check the fitting.  If they are not happy with this, Sophie will make modifications and repeat the process. When are all satisfied with the fitting, the limb will be created.

You will be invited to the studio to be a live model as the limb is sculpted.  If you are opting for something a little more unusual you will be invited to assist in design decisions.

Jo-Jo Cranfield wearing the snake arm created by Sophie de Oliveira fitted at Queen Marry's Hospital

 Floral leg made by Sophie de Oliveira made for Kiera Roche and fitted at ProActive Prosthetics photographed by Rosemary Williams MUA by Katt Betts

Ryan Seary wearing a detatchable leg cover which fits over his c-leg, co-created by Eduardo and Sophie de Oliveira, fitted at Headley Court. 

Wooden arm with secret compartments on inside created by Sophie de Oliveira photographed by Delphine Doidy

Henna tattoo arm created by Sophie de Oliveira photographed by Delphine Doidy

Grace Mandeville wearing feather armour, co-reated by Sophie de Oliveira  and Rowena Vickerman, photographed by Charlotte Epstein


Crystallized Leg created by Sophie de Oliveira made for Viktoria Modesta playing the Ice Queen at the London 2012 Paralympic Closing ceremony fitted at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sponsored by Swarovski and photographed by Omkaar Kotedia

Gadget arm, co - created by Shawnee Vale and Shashi Chouhan, photographed by Omkaar Kotedia

Oriental leg with ivory looking sculpt and secret drawers, co -created by Annie walters and Sophie de Oliveira, photographed by Annie Walters

All photos and info from The Alternative Limb Project's website