Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ice Covered Cemeteries

Damage following an ice storm at Springdale Cemetery, Arkansas - LINK

Tree branches fallen over tombstones in the Craig Street pioneer cemetery, Perth, Ontario, a few days after the ice storm, early January 1998. Photo by chasdobie on Flickr

A tiny country graveyard during the 1998 ice storm, North Sherbrooke Twp., Lanark County, Ontario. Photo by chasdobie on Flickr

Springdale Cemetery in Arkansas, coated in ice - LINK

Following an ice storm at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by kattamos on Flickr



Ice storm devastates the Arkansas Springdale Cemetery following an ice storm - LINK

Damage caused by an ice storm at Springdale Cemetery in Arkansas- LINK

Headstones are covered in inch-thick ice, after an ice storm in Arkansas. - LINK

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