Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Superhuman Exhibition

the Wellcome's 'Superhuman' exhibition looks at the history of mankind's efforts to enhance physical performance and athletic ability. From an early prosthesis, found in an ancient Egyptian tomb, to the latest attempts to connect artificial limbs to the nervous system, the show looks at a range of enhancements, including aids to sight and hearing, such as the earliest spectacles and ear trumpets and recent developments in the use of nano- and biotechnology.

Ancient Egyptian prosthetic toe. (IMAGE: The Trustees of the British Museum

Child's artificial hand. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

Children's artificial legs. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

Chinese glasses made of tortoise-shell dating from the early 1100's. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

Dentures of ivory with the human teeth. IMAGE: British Dental Association Museum

The microchip — Kevin Warwick is the professor who puts microchips in his arm and sees a great future for cyborgs. IMAGE: Wellcome Library, London

Prosthetic nose made of silver. IMAGE: Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons

Left arm metal prosthesis. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

English prosthetic lower limbs in 1966. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

Prosthetic upper limbs. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

'Enlarging My Right Hand with Gauntlet'  by Hyungkoo Lee

Prosthetic hand. Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe

European hearing aid 1901-1930. IMAGE: Science Museum, London

Photograph by Frank Hermann / The Sunday Times / NI Syndication

Double amputee climbs and climbs down from his chair. IMAGE: Wellcome Library, London

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