Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cemetery trash

Ostroda cemetery dumpster, Poland. Photo by teubig on Flickr

Cemetery trash in Barcelona. Photo by opti mystic on Flickr

Photo by MattTownsend on Flickr

Photo by Ksenia Oyster in Flickr

Photo by John Martine 63 on Flickr

Funeral home trash. Photo by TrespassersWill on Flickr



Funeral parlous trash. - LINK

Dumpster at Greenwood cemetery - LINK

Photo by fivemoments on Flickr

Cemetery trash at the Cemiterio Ivoti in Brazil. Photo by Fass-binder on Flickr

Dumpster full of flowers at Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by aka Buddy on Flickr

Dumpster at St. Mary's Cemetery. Photo by pesotum74 on Flickr

Discarded funeral wreaths ready for garbage pickup

Landfill at the cemetery in ┼╗nin.  Photo by Arkadiusz Majszak

Cemetery trash in Wielbark, Poland - LINK
Close-up of cemetery trash in Wielbark, Poland - LINK

Flower dumpster. Photo by amigarad on Flickr

Cemetery flower trash. Photo by Patrick Weaver on Flickr


Cemetery trash after the All Saint's Holiday - LINK

Dumpster diving for plastic flowers in a cemetery in the south of France. Photo credit: Phyllis Odessey - LINK

Dumpster of flowers after a cemetery cleanup - LINK

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