Monday, August 13, 2012

Forensic Hand Trauma

Electrical burn
Electrical burn
Electrical burn from grabbing a live wire
Close-up of above
Defense wound on the palmar of the hand
Defense wound on Dorsal aspect of the hand
Defense related injury and bruising
Defense wound
Train accident resulting in soft tissue avulsion underneath the intact skin 
This 23-year-old man developed a large tense blister on his left palm after grasping the end of his M16 rifle shortly after firing multiple rounds.
Soot caused by holding a revolver cylinder while discharging the weapon
Gun-induced laceration and soot deposition on the hand.
Laceration of a palm placed over the cylinder gap of a revolver during a suicidal gunshot.
Defense wounds
Gunshot entrance wound of the palmar surface of a thumb.
Defensive cut wounds on the palmar surface of the hand

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