Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cryogenic Burns

Cryogenic burns are cold burns caused by liquefied gases. Cryogenic liquids are stored in special containers that are able to withstand varying temperature and pressure changes. They can cause injury due to their extremely low temperatures by producing skin and tissue changes similar to a thermal burn. The nature of the injury will depend on the temperature, time of exposure and the chemical component of the cryogenic liquid itself. Contact with cryogenic liquids can cause the skin to stick to the metal that is cooled by the liquid and trying to pull away the skin can cause a skin tear, similar to sticking your tongue on a fence in winter. 

When liquid propane is sprayed on the skin for 12 seconds skin damage or necrosis can occur. Similarly the spraying of aerosols on the skin for 20 seconds can result in temperature of -150 deg centigrade. The initial appearance depends on the depth of the burn and the cold temperatures reached at the time of exposure. 

Liquid nitrogen burns to the dorsal aspect of the hand
LINK(photos 1-4)

Week 1 - Liquid nitrogen burns, heel, foot burns(cryogenic burns,
cold burn, frost bite)

Week 2 

Week 3 - Liquid nitrogen burns with acquacel dressing
Week 5- Healed  

Link to photo 5-10 and info from here

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