Friday, August 24, 2012

Chair Graves

Grave depicting a tiny detailed chair with a closed book on its seat at Albany Rural Cemetery - LINK

Grave chair that tells of John, a 23-year-old "accidentally killed." Photo by Dania Hurley on Flickr

Empty Chair tombstone at the Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont- LINK

Margravine Cemetery, London. Photo by dansette on Flickr

Child-size rocking chair grave- LINK

The Ebert chair grave in Lowell Cemetery, MA. Reportedly carved from a single piece of granite, the chair is said to be a replica of one owned by the deceased, Mr. Horace Ebert, which consisted of tufted leather and carved dog heads.

Chair headstone in New Orleans - LINK

The Vacant Chair. Photo by alea1962 on Flickr

Child's chiar grave at Green-Wood Cemetery, NY - LINK

Located in Riverside Cemetery, Berrien County, Michigan - LINK


Kensal Green Cemetery. Memorial to Arthur Russell, a Victorian ballad writer. Photo by mindthega_p on Flickr

Children's grave marker - depicting a chair with a child's clothing piled upon it in Benton Avenue Cemetery, Helena, Montana. Photo by Comtesse DeSpair on Flickr

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois. Photo by Scribegirl on Flickr

Child's vacant chair - LINK

Loveseat headstone - LINK

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