Thursday, August 23, 2012

20th Century Inventions

Piano for the bedridden (UK, 1935)

Falsetto gauge

Luminous tires, 1961

Pipe to allow for smoking in the rain

Robbery prevention briefcase, 1963

Sauna bag, 1962

Tomato electrometer, 1968

Mutli-cigarette holder, 1955

Life jackets fashioned from bicycle tires (Germany, 1925)

Reading glasses for lying down (England, 1936)

Photo revolver, removing by pressing the trigger (USA, 1938)

Ice compress to treat hangover, created in 1947 by an employee Max Factor for Hollywood actresses.

Family bike with a sewing machine (USA, 1939)

Device to teach a child walking (Switzerland, 1939)

Buggy in the case of gas attack (England, 1938)

Max Factor’s beauty callibrator, 1934

Ciagarette holder for two

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  1. How romantic to allow two people to smoke at once. ;-)