Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tumblr Submissions Part II

I get quite a few Tumblr submissions that I don't post for various reasons, so I will post them here

Squirrel after being de-brained by a cat. Submitted by:

Naturally mummified cat retrieved from beneath a house. Submitted by:

"A friend’s cow that didn’t make it through the wildfires. Lost all but one of his herd, as well as his home". Submitted by: 

Submitted by:

Submitted by: Amanda (mandymarie55116)

First attempt at bird taxidermy, an african grey parrot(the bird died of natural cause) Submitted by: iris(igorwaterlander)

Baby section in New Windsor, NY cemetery. Submitted by:

These are Polar-Bear fetuses preserved in a glass in The Museum of Natural History, Basel, Switzerland. Submitted by:

A large feeder rat, taken while removing the head so the skull could be cleaned. Submitted by:

Pin and sutures two weeks after surgery to repair a torn big toe ligament, toe selfie credit: J.D. Hager ( Submitted by:

Submitted by:

Two bodies awaiting burial in a Haitian chapel. Submitted by:

A body awaiting burial in a morgue, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Submitted by:

Mass grave site in Haiti. Submitted by:

3 month old kitty fell from 1st floor window and split his femur in two. Vet put some screws in to fixate the bone back together.  Submitted by:

Wood fungus in the temperate rainforests of British Columbia, Canada. Submitted by:

A softshell turtle at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama with a significant deformity visible on its shell. Submitted by:

Remnants of a bloody nose. Submitted by:

Submitted by:

Burns sustained while cleaning a grill. Submitted by:

Submitted by:

Bilateral coloboma of the iris (also known as cat-eye syndrome). Submitted by:

You can find Part I here

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