Friday, March 6, 2015

Dreamdoll Factory

The realistic dolls, designed, moulded and painted to fulfill the every desire of customers. And making the  5,500 euro (£4,000) dolls, which weigh just 40kg, is just all in a day's work for three people at the Dreamdoll workshop, in Duppigheim, northern France. Owner Thierry Reverdi and employees Eric and Raphaela take light-weight aluminium 'skeletons' and painstakingly add 'flesh', eyes, features, hair and clothes to bring the dolls as close to life as their customers request.The Dreamdolls website describes their products as 'a range of realistic dolls of a quality and an exceptional beauty'. But it declares that although 'planned for sexual use' the 'lovedolls' are 'also used as realistic mannequins for photo studios for the catalogues of lingerie'. The company also insists that many of their customers are collectors who see the plastic models as works of art. Each custom-made doll which makes up the more expensive US Edition range takes them a week to make, from pouring the stain-proof and non-stick silicone into moulds to painting on layers of make-up.

Info and photos via The Daily Mail
Interested in your own?? Go to the website here

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