Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mummified Specimen

The mummified anatomical specimens of one foot and one leg from the anatomical theatre of Bologna, Italy.

They were from the estate of a deceased doctor working for the British Medical association who passed away in 1982. Phillip Palmer had the task of cataloging all drugs and specimens left behind in the NHS offices of deceased doctors etc.

The legs ended up in PHD Palmer's own private collection with a note stating they were from The anatomical theatre of Bologna. The specimens were recovered from the bombed building during the second world war by soldiers helping with the salvage, in 1944. They were given to a local doctor to look after who was a colleague of his.  It was thought the specimens were part of the collection that had remained in the theatre since the early 1700's.

PHD Palmer presented them to The Museum of Curios in Cornwall in 2000 just before his death. They have been on display in several galleries in Europe including Museum Winkel, Holland and The Rabier Collection, Brussels.

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