Friday, June 20, 2014

The Alternative Limb Project

The Alternative Limb Project provides unique prosthetics to either blend in with the body, or stand out as a work of art. They involve the wearer in all aspects of the process, from the conception of ideas to the finished product. Different options for your creation include real, unreal and surreal.

Sophie, the director, comes from an art background, with a first class honours degree at London Arts University where she studied Special Effects prosthetics for film and T.V. Upon consultation Sophie will take a cast of your sound side or use a donor foot/hand if you are bilateral.  She will take colour readings,  photographs, and discuss ideas with you should you want something a little different.

If your prosthesis is in direct contact with the skin, (e.g  finger,  toe,  partial foot or hand)  a  test piece will be made so that your prosthetist can check the fitting.  If they are not happy with this, Sophie will make modifications and repeat the process. When are all satisfied with the fitting, the limb will be created.

You will be invited to the studio to be a live model as the limb is sculpted.  If you are opting for something a little more unusual you will be invited to assist in design decisions.

Jo-Jo Cranfield wearing the snake arm created by Sophie de Oliveira fitted at Queen Marry's Hospital

 Floral leg made by Sophie de Oliveira made for Kiera Roche and fitted at ProActive Prosthetics photographed by Rosemary Williams MUA by Katt Betts

Ryan Seary wearing a detatchable leg cover which fits over his c-leg, co-created by Eduardo and Sophie de Oliveira, fitted at Headley Court. 

Wooden arm with secret compartments on inside created by Sophie de Oliveira photographed by Delphine Doidy

Henna tattoo arm created by Sophie de Oliveira photographed by Delphine Doidy

Grace Mandeville wearing feather armour, co-reated by Sophie de Oliveira  and Rowena Vickerman, photographed by Charlotte Epstein


Crystallized Leg created by Sophie de Oliveira made for Viktoria Modesta playing the Ice Queen at the London 2012 Paralympic Closing ceremony fitted at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sponsored by Swarovski and photographed by Omkaar Kotedia

Gadget arm, co - created by Shawnee Vale and Shashi Chouhan, photographed by Omkaar Kotedia

Oriental leg with ivory looking sculpt and secret drawers, co -created by Annie walters and Sophie de Oliveira, photographed by Annie Walters

All photos and info from The Alternative Limb Project's website

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