Thursday, June 5, 2014

Anatomical Cakes

Lung cake from Sarah Hardy

Anatomy cake given to students st the SOMA institute - LINK

Trauma team surgery cake - LINK

Severed head cake(close up of neck) by Sarah Hardy

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall commissioned this cake for their daughter Georgia's 21st birthday party. Cake by Sarah Hardy and Dave Faceparty

Spine cake for an orthopedic surgeon - LINK

Another amazing creation for Eat Your Heart Out, this time from the Conjurer’s Kitchen

Abdominal surgery cake by baker Annabel Lector - LINK

Heart cake - LINK

Brain cake - LINK

Based on various real Anatomical Veni, and the final addition to the Cake for Breakfast Chocolate Victorian Pharmacy, is this creation from Chris. Made with 750g of white chocolate; for sale as a set in a limited edition at Eat Your Heart Out 2012. Contact Cake for Breakfast to find our more or order directly. - LINK

Buttercream cake with fondant veins for a kidney transplant patient - LINK

Bowel cake, complete with retractors - LINK

Anatomic Venus cake for the Morbid Anatomy Anthology launch - LINK

Thoracic cavity cake by Daniel HelmsLungs(Spice Cake) Heart (Strawberries and Cream Jello) Liver and intestines (Red Velvet Cake) Stomach and Kidneys (Lemon Cake) Colon (Chocolate filled Yellow jelly roll Cake)

A red velvet brain cake for a wedding of two brain surgeon’s by cake artist Karen Portaleo

Female reproductive organ cake - LINK

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