Monday, January 20, 2014

Alien Landscapes

Cave within a Swiss glacier - LINK

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - LINK

Ggeothermal pool in Rotorua, New Zealand called Wai-o-tapu. Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff

Dallol, Ethiopia. Photo credit: Rita Willaert

Jacuzzis of Mount Roraima. Photo credit: Eric Cleves Kristensen

The interior of a Swiss glacier. Photo credit: Emmanuel Coupe

Lake Magadi, Kenya. Photo credit: Lynne Tuller

Moss-covered Eldraun Lava Field, Iceland. Photo credit: Hans Strand

North Cascade Glacier run-off test - LINK

St. Thomas, a salt pond in the Cabrita Point area has turned bright pink. - LINK

Lake Hillier in Australia. Photo credit: Lynne Tuller

Dallol, Danakil desert, Ethiopia. Photo credit: grevys

Natural whirlpool at the Tatzelwurm Waterfalls near Sudelfeld in Southern Germany. - LINK

Seismograph Pool at Yellowstone National Park. Photo credit: Danny Chia

Mercury City, Raskalov, Russia. Photo credit: Vitaliy Raskalov

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