Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rocks and Minerals Part II

27.7lbs Natural Pink Aragonite - LINK

5LB rough Larimar - LINK

6mm pink Spinel with inclusions - LINK

Rosasite, Rohdenhaus Quarry, Germany - LINK

Photo by blackdaffodill on Flickr

Electric green conichalcite. Photo by Sea Moon on Flickr

Amazonite. Photo by cobalt123 on Flickr

Bismuth. Photo by Alberto Lancer on Flickr

Kutnohorite from the Czech Republic. Photo by cobalt123 on Flickr

Carborundum crystals - LINK

Calcite (Plumbian) with Duftite, Namibia - LINK

Copper replacement agate - LINK

31.6lbs of Natural Pink Aragonite - LINK

Dioptase on Mottramite, Namibia - LINK

Malachite. Museum of Nature. Ottawa, Ontario. Photo by Rebel--Heart on Deviantart

Butyroidal agate - LINK

Iris agate. Photo by Dave Ault on Flickr

Malachite, Kongo. Photo by Stefan on Flickr

You can find Part I here

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