Friday, August 2, 2013

Gynandromorphs Part II

Heteropteryx dilatata - LINK

Papilio androgeus gynandromorph - LINK

Morpho butterfly which is male on the left side and female on the right - LINK

Gynandromorph of the Jewel Beetle(Anthaxia hungarica). Photo credit: © Eduard Jendek

Blue morpho butterfly. Photo by Ben Bolet

The crustacean - dubbed 'Harley Quin' for it's bizarre red and black checkered appearance - is being analyzed by marine experts who claim it is a rarity of 50million-to-one. - LINK

Carpenter bumblebee - LINK

Eacles imperialis cacicus - LINK

Heteropteryx dilatata - LINK


The Small Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia) - LINK

The Small Jewel Blue (Plebejus christophi) - LINK

Cymothoe caenis, the Common Glider. Photo credit: © Norman Day. - LINK

You can find Part I here

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