Monday, July 1, 2013

Curious Flora Part II

Photo by LadyDarigan on Deviantart

Gentiana hexaphylla at Tromso Botanical Garden - LINK

Photo credit: Dan Sorensen Photography

Roots of an overturned tree in the water at Moose Pond, Pittsburg, NH. Photo by Bob Janules


Photo credit: Alex Bain

Photo credit: K. G√ľnter Sturm

Gourd growing through a fence. Photo by Misrey on Flickr

Photo credit: Kaveh Maguire

Cereus sp. spiralis. Photo credit: Chantal Wagner

A fasciated Echeveria agavoides with a  wavy band of congested leaves. - LINK





Door in a yew tree. Photo by GothicBohemianStock on Deviantart

You can find Part I here

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