Monday, June 17, 2013

Opals Part II


Rough white opal Coober Pedy - LINK

Lightning Ridge Polished black opal 70ct - LINK

568ct rough opal piece - LINK


Opal “Pineapple” Pseudomorph after Glauberite. White Cliffs, New South Wales, Australia - LINK

Australian opal

Rough Australian opal - LINK

Boulder opal pancake - LINK


Ethiopian opal geode. Photo by jessa1155 on Deviantart

Cabochon of fiery lab-created opal - LINK

Honeycomb opal - LINK

Opal colored blue by Chrysocolla - LINK


Photo by kaibafangirl on Deviantart

The “Wentzell Green Ghost” opal from the WRT Stonetree Group of Opal Mining Claims, Virgin Valley, Nevada. It is a precious crystal opal with a jelly ghost with green, blue and violet play of color predominating. Collection of Christopher N. Wentzell and The Wentzell Revocable Gem Trust - LINK

White based Seam Opal Rough from Coober Pedy - LINK

You can find Part I here

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