Monday, June 24, 2013

Animals Eating Animals

Python eating a wildebeest in South Africa. Photo credit: Rudi Hulshof - LINK
Camel spider eating a lizard - LINK

A volant juvenile proboscis bat (Rhynchonycteris naso) entangled in web of Nephila clavipes photographed in a palm swamp forest near Madre de Dios, Peru. Photo credit: Sam Barnard - LINK



Photo by Crazy--Lady on Deviantart

Two hyenas wounded a wildebeest, and after scanning the area for other predators, returned to their prey and began to eat it - LINK


Photo by Minotaur-Queen on Deviantart

Preying mantis eats gecko - LINK


Photo ny bianco-c on Deviantart

Male lion feeding on giraffe carcass - LINK

Mongolian wolves devour a deer cadaver in an enclosure at Wolfspark Werner Freund in Merzig. Photo credit: Lisi Niesner/REUTERS - LINK

Photo by cmelissa on Deviantart

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