Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mutant Blossoms

Photo by deep blue skies on Flickr

Large Camomile blossom. Photo by floramelitensis on Deviantart

Mutant poppy. Photo by Louisa Billeter on Flickr


Coneflower. Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage on Flickr

Photo by Blue-eyed-kelpie on Deviantart

Three-headed gerbera daisy. Photo by qHidoi on Deviantart

Fasciated Erigeron aurantiacus. Photo by Buzz of Glentrool  on Flickr

Photo by fmonet76 on Flickr


Fasciated brown-eyed Susan. Photo credit: Sarah Esther Photography.

Photo by Moehn on Deviantart

Photo by frimohuggz on Deviantart

You can find Gerbera Daisy Fasciation here, Plant Mutation here
Mutant Strawberries here, Mutant Kiwi here and
Mutant Sunflowers here

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