Friday, April 19, 2013

Cemetery Wildlife Part IV

Photo by SJG-photography on Deviantart
Photo by Jaromir-Slavoja on Deviantart
Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, IN. Photo by NoDivision Deviantart
Yanaka cemetery, Tokyo. Photo by Syna1 on Deviantart
Ascension Parish Burial Ground, Cambridge, England - LINK
Photo by TheLost82 on Deviantart.
Highgate Cemetery - LINK
Photo by LadyEdana on Deviantart
Photo by sairalindesaralonde on Deviantart
Willesden New Cemetery, London. Photo by chimneysweeper on Deviantart
Photo by forgottenson1 on Deviantart
Highgate Cemetery. Photo by Zajhra on Deviantart
Photo by Electricblue86 on Deviantart
Photo by Vicenc Feliu on Flickr

Cody Weber Photography - LINK

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Goats among graves here

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