Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cemeteries of Greenland

Greenland - Kulusuk - New Cemetery - LINK

Photo credit: Jonathan Huyer

Old Cemetery, Kulusuk. Photo by Ross Mackenzie

Sunrise over the northernmost cemetery. Photo credit: Andy Mahoney

Cemetery in Ittoqqortoormit, Greenland. - LINK

Photo credit: Anton Keks

The old cemetery, Ilulissat. Photo by David Johnston

Photo credit: Jacob Frederik Nielsen
Town cemetery, Ilulissat - LINK
The cemetery on the airport road. Photo by Carolyne Larrington

Cemetery in Upernavik. Photo by Paul Kerrien

Tasiilaq, Greenland - LINK


Cemetery in Qeqertarsuaq Photo credit: Ingrid Shumway

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