Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love Locks

Love padlocks (also known as love locks and, in Taiwan, wish locks) are a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a fence, gate, bridge or similar public fixture by sweethearts at an increasing number of locations in the world to symbolize their everlasting love.

Pecs, Hungary. Photo by on Flickr

Huuangshan, China - LINK

Locks galore on Taishan’s fences, China - LINK

Huangshan, China - LINK

Pecs, Hungary. Photo by Andra Moclinda-Bucuta on Flickr

Ponte Milvio lamppos, Rome, Italy - LINK

Huangshan love locks railing - LINK

N. Seoul Tower, S. Korea - LINK

A fountain in Montevideo, Uruguay. Photo by Natassa on Flickr

Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow - LINK

Love locks hang from a bridge in Prague. Photo credit: Axel Bueckert - LINK

N. Seoul Tower, S. Korea - LINK

Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow - LINK

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia - LINK

N. Seoul Tower, S. Korea - LINK


  1. By "North Korea", you mean the "North" part of South Korea, right?