Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Babyland Cemetery Sections

Cemeteries often have a sectioned off part of the cemetery dedicated to infants and small children. Other cemeteries have have called this section ‘Lullabyland’, ‘Garden of cherubs’ and “Garden of Angels.

Section of Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma where babies are buried. Photo by Joseph Novack on Flickr


Middletown, MD. Photo by Monceau on Flickr

Photo by ratsal adsand on Flickr

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. Photo by HoosierWhoDat

Riverdale Cemetery, Lancaster, PA - LINK

Taken at St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park near South Bend, Indiana. Photo by Mike O'C on Flickr

Rosedale Cemetery Gregg County, TX - LINK

Entrance to Babyland at Holy Cross Cemetery - LINK

Guadalupe County Cemetery, Texas - LINK

Woodland Cemetery, Norwalk, Ohio - LINK


Richardson, TX. Photo by Gene Bob on Flickr


Babyland section of Lindenwood Cemetery, Wayne Township, Allen County, Indiana - LINK

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  1. wow, this is ridiculously ghoulish, sinister, creepy and sadistic.

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