Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Cemeteries

I save quite a few photos, these are just a few to illustrate how different burial/interment is around the world.

Chemin des Dames. One of the killing fields of WW1. Photo by wilf on Flickr

Relatives visit the grave of their loved ones at a cemetery in Manila on October 31, 2012. Millions of Filipinos will flock to cemeteries on November 1 and 2 around the country in a traditional commemoration of remembering their loved ones by offering flowers, candles and prayers. AFP PHOTO/NOEL CE - LINK


Photo by Cuervo21! on Flickr

Brompton Cemetery located near Earl's Court in South West London, England - jtCHatter

Hawaiian Cemetery. Photo by something.from.nancy on Flickr

Cemiterio de Pescadores, Brazil. Photo by GALASSI, Fernando. on Flickr

Military Cemetery in Germany. - LINK

Historic Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt, Austria. Photo: Ruth Ellen Gruber - LINK

Abandoned and overgrown cemetery in Spain - LINK

The Victorian Arnos Vale cemetery, Brislington, England, covered in hoar frost - LINK

Cementerio Pisagua, Chile, 1868. Photo by pablo/T on Flickr

Cemetery at the abandoned village of Old Chevak. The dead cannot be buried. Their coffins would be crushed, and the bones and wood fragments brought to the surface, by the churning compaction of the seasonally freezing ground. - LINK

Snow at Stirling Castle - LINK

Grave markers and flowers in the cemetery at Scoresbysund, an Inuit village in Eastern Greenland. Photo by Brian and Cherry Alexander/ArcticPhoto - LINK

Certosa cemetery, Bologna, Italy. Photo by sdhaddow on Flickr

Tikigaq cemetery in Point Hope, Alaska. Photo credit: Donachy Photography - LINK

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