Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poison Ingestion

Individual drank lye, kerosene and other caustics. Note white chemical burns on lips mouth and tongue

Chemical burns sustained after ingestion and vomit of sulfuric acid with drain patterns visible on the cheek and chest.

Discoloration of the gums and lips following carbolic acid poisoning - LINK

This young man committed suicide by drinking a phenol based floor cleaning solution from a jug.The edges of the jug are clearly demarcated around the mouth and bridge of the nose, with a spill on the chin. Discolouration of the lips were also present.- LINK

Damage to the lips and face from regurgitation of gastric contents - LINK

This individual committed suicide by ingesting excess prescription medication and placing a loosely fixed plastic bag over the head. The moisture collecting at the face covered by plastic during breathing helped to create an environment where mold and mildew could form at the chin and face.

Same as above with the plastic bag removed.

Suicidal ingestion of a corrosive substance (Lysol). Spillage around the mouth has run down the neck and onto the chest. - LINK

Acid burns, resulting from ingestion of sulfuric acid. Note the burns to the mouth and the spill pattern on the face and chest, in contrast to a thermal pattern of injury. - LINK
Note the spill pattern on the anterior chest and abdomen of the decedent from the previous image. - LINK
Burns from the acid, on the tongue, hypopharynx, and airway of the decedent from the previous image. - LINK
Acid injury extending through the viscera and onto the pleural surface exposing the ribs of the decedent from the previous image.- LINK
Coagulation necrosis of the solid organs from the acid of the decedent from the previous image. - LINK

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