Saturday, January 19, 2013

Graves of Russian Gangsters

They used to spend their days collecting protection money, kneecapping those who would not pay up and planting explosives in the cars of their rivals. But now the only reminders of the gangsters that made up the Russian mobs in the 1990s are their tombstones with gaudy sketches of them etched into the granite. The men, who are casualties of the Russian business world and were relatively young when they were killed, are sculpted standing in designer suits and leather jackets.  Now the only reminders of the brawn of the Russian mobs are their gravestones where gaudy sketches of them are etched into the granite of tombstones. The cemeteries in the mafia city of Ekaterinburg are littered with brash, life-size memorials carved out of hugely expensive imported marble

 Photos and info from the DailyMail

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