Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Glass Eyes

Ocularist Gerhard Greiner produces individual hand glass-blown human eye prostheses for people who have lost an eye or eyes due to a trauma, illness or accident

Individual hand-blown glass eyes are pictured in a medical equipment shop in Munich.

Ocularist Gerhard Greiner blows through molten glass to make a sphere. A bespoke glass eye prostheses cost about 350 euros (US $457).

Ocularist Gerhard Greiner holds a glass tube over a bunsen burner. A typical modern glass eye is a hollow half sphere that fits over the non-working eye, if it is still there. Otherwise it goes over a ball that has been surgically implanted into the eye socket and attached to the eye muscles.

Rods of glass that will become irises in different colours. Each glass eye takes about one hour to make, with constant reference to the patient for the right colour and for detailed drawing of the veins.

Ocularist Gerhard Greiner (L) puts in the new glass eye of patient Helmut Sechser.


Patient Helmut Sechser cleans his old glass eye with water before being fitted for a new one. Sechser, 72, got his first glass eye in 1960.

The old glass eyes of patient Helmut Sechser sits in a small box.

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