Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goats Among Graves

Goat on tomb in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka- LINK


Goats in a Haitian cemetery - LINK

Photo by apocrypha on Flickr

Elizabethtown Cemetery, Bequia. Photo by gay nomad on Flickr

A goat stands atop a tomb in Haiti's National Cemetery. Photo by Ben Edwards/USAID. Photo by USAID_IMAGES on Flickr

Goats and chickens roam freely at the Grand Cimetière de Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo credit: Robert Larson

Resident goat at Grand Cimetière de Port-au-Prince, Haiti - LINK

Goats on a tomb eating the  plastic flowers from a funeral wreath - LINK


Goat in a graveyard, Plymouth, Tobago - LINK

Goat on a grave in a Caribbean cemetery. Photo by gay nomad on Flickr

Goats roam a Haitian cemetery - LINK

Other cemetery wildlife can be viewed here -  Part I or Part II

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