Sunday, September 9, 2012

Omo Masalai Skeleton Tribe

The Omo Masalai are a tribe in Papua New Guinea. In preparation for a tribal festival called Sing Sing, the Omo Masalai paint themselves as skeletons.

Omo Masalai tribe from Simbu / Chimbu
Skeletons tribe, from Papua New Guinea. All the make up of those tribe was made to frighten the enemies. Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue on Flickr

This is a picture of a young boy who participated in the Mt. Hagen festival in PNG. The whole tribe painted themselves as skeletons. Photo credit: Dave Shreier on Fickr

Photo by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr

Photo by Rita Willaert on Flickr

"Skeleton Dancers" Photo credit: Susan Weiss - LINK

Sing Sing Group Members with Skeleton-Like Body Paint at Mt. Hagen Cultural Show Papua New Guinea Photo credit: John Banagan - LINK

Omo Masalai tribe from Simbu / Chimbu
Papua New Guinea , Highlands, Mount Hagen festival singsing. Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue on Flickr

Village Mindima - Chimbu tribe - skeleton bodypainting.Photo by Rita Willaert on Flickr

Omo Masalai - Skeleton Dancers of Papua New Guinea. Each year, tribes from all over Papua New Guinea - the most culturally diverse nation in the world - gather in the Western Highland as a celebration of the unique traditions of each tribe and as a way of curtailing tribal warfare. Photo credit: Photo credit: Timothy Allen

Sing Sing at Paiya Village in Papua New Guinea. Photo by on Flickr

Skeleton dancer at the Mount Hagen festival. Photo by Hannes Reda on Flickr

Performances by the Omo Masalai tribe. Photo by Travis Marshall

Skeleton tribe. Photo by J Crux on Flickr

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