Monday, September 17, 2012

Lions With Bloody Faces

Young lion licking mother's bloody face,  Luangwa Valley, Zambia. Photo credit: Frans Lanting

Bloody African Lion cub(Panthera leo) eating a Buffalo kill, Ruaha National Park, Tanzania. - LINK

African Lion(Panthera leo) female with bloody muzzle - LINK

Lion enjoying a zebra carcass. Photo by: Artbandito on Flickr

Photo credit: jeff-becker on Flickr

Photo credit: Mario Moreno

Photo by M&M Photo Tours on Flickr

Photo by hinayana on Flickr

Taken at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, South Africa. Photo by: DEOSN on Flickr

Bloody mouths of African lions after a kill. Photo by:© Leigh Kemp  - LINK

Photo credit: Arthur Morris - LINK

Hungry and angry lionesses. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. Photo by Olivier DELAERE on Flickr


Lion with bloody face, Kruger National Park. Photo by: © Scotch Macaskill - LINK



A lion found feeding on a rhino at Tau Game Reserve on the border of South Africa and Botswana. Paper Tiger Photography - LINK


A female lion still bloodied from killing a wildebeest in the Ngorongoro Crater - LINK

Blood drips from the mouth of one of the lionesses on a fresh zebra kill. Photo credit: Ben Coley - LINK




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