Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prosthetic Eyes II

rare full set of 50 pre-war Glass Eyes. In original box, all these eyes are different in shape, size & colour. Real hand blown glass are becoming harder to find & a complete set of 50 is indeed a rarity. - LINK

Photo by kingkonut on Flickr

Glass eyes in a wooden tray, in the 1870s house at the Birmingham Back to Backs. The Oldfield family were glassworkers making beads, and eyes for toys as well as replacement eyes for people. Photo credit: Robert Morris - LINK

Photo by gwendolyn true on Flickr

A display of German prosthetic glass eyes from the 1800's- LINK

A collection of artificial eyes - LINK

Close up of a set of glass eyes at the Josephinum Medical Museum in Vienna, Austria. Photo by CuriousExpeditions on Flickr

A drawer of antique glass eye fragments. Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images - LINK

Collection of glass eyes displaying an array of eye disease at the UCSF library. Photo by feendos on Flickr

Close-up of above. Photo by justvisiting on Flickr

Prosthetic eyes part I can be found here

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