Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food Chain by Catherine Chalmers

Working with a menagerie of insects and animals she raises in her New York City loft, Catherine Chalmers make images that ask the viewer to examine lives that are ordinarily overlooked. Her most notable photographic series, Food Chain, sketches with vivid immediacy the links between predator and prey, eater and eaten, from plant to insect to amphibian. Chalmers places predator and prey before a stark white background and then lets nature take its course. 

Caterpillar eating a tomato

Caterpillars eating a tomato

Caterpillar and tomato remains

Praying mantis and a caterpillar

Praying mantis eating a caterpillar

Frog and a praying mantis

Frog eating a praying mantis

Info from here
All photos credit to Catherine Chalmers

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