Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feasting Predators

Gray Wolf feeding on a Dall Sheep carcass in Denali National Park. Photo credit:

Wolf with its kill - LINK

Bald Eagle feeding on elk carcus at Yellowstone National Park. Photo by ABL1 on Flickr

Lion eating a wildebeest. By Dan Macauley on Flickr

Lion feeding on a wildebeest carcass. Photo by ivesmaria on Flickr

Puma feeding on a llama carcass. Photo by Simon Littlejohn on Flickr

Wolves feeding. By Douglas Brown on Flickr

Grey wolf eating carcass. Photo credit: Hilton - LINK

Leopard with her Impala kill. Photo by Bill Holsten

Styx pride feeding on Zebra carcass. Photo credit: Tristan Dicks

African White-back Vulture feeding on a carcass - LINK

Wolf feasting - LINK

Hyenas eating wildebeest. Photo by: Burrard-Lucas Phtoography

Lioness with her zebra kill - LINK

Cheetah with its kill. - LINK

Sharks feeding on a whale's carcass. Photo credit: Suzanne Lowe - LINK


Wolf feeding on a carcass - LINK

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