Monday, July 30, 2012

Abandoned Greenhouses

A greenhouse left in disuse after a fire. It is located in Welwyn Preserve, Glen Cove, NY - LINK

Shady greenhouse with an ivy clad door - LINK


Abandoned Greenhouse, Ridley Creek State Park - LINK

Chernobyl greenhouse. Photo credit: Caitlin Parker


Abandoned greenhouse on No. 6 Road, Richmond. Photo by Bob_2006 on Flickr

Overgrown Greenhouse - LINK

Abandoned greenhouse in Japan's jungle theme park. Photo credit: Michael John Grist

Abandoned greenhouse, Lisbon September 2006 - LINK

A beautiful abandoned greenhouse at Galand - LINK

Abandoned greenhouse - LINK

Old abandoned greenhouse covered in vines. Harkness Park, CT. Photo credit: Heather Williams

An overgrown greenhouse at the Orto Botanico, Rome's botanical garden. - LINK

Abandoned greenhouse in the northeastern US- LINK

Photo by Kestrana on Flickr

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