Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apotemnophilia and BIID

Apotemnophilia/Body Integrity Identity Disorder(BIID) is a condition that causes those who have it, to feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. Apotemnophilia involves a sexual motivation for being or looking like an amputee, whereas most people with BIID don't report a sexual motivation. As a result, an intense obsession develops with removing the limb; this obsession hinders the patients' social behaviour and integration. In some respects, these individuals resemble those that are transgendered, in that they don't feel 'right' in their own body.

Symptoms of BIID sufferers are often keenly felt. The sufferer feels incomplete with four limbs, but is confident amputation will fix this. The sufferer knows exactly what part of which limb should be amputated to relieve the suffering. The sufferer has intense feelings of envy toward amputees. They often pretend, both in private and in public, that they are an amputee. The sufferer recognizes the above symptoms as being strange and unnatural. They feel alone in having these thoughts, and don't believe anyone could ever understand their urges. They may try to injure themselves to require the amputation of that limb. They generally are ashamed of their thoughts and try to hide them from others, including therapists and health care professionals.

Baz from Liverpool has B.I.I.D (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). He became an amputee by choice by freezing his leg in dry ice.- LINK





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The following set of self-injury and subsequent amputation photos by tegumai-b on Flickr

Eight hours in dry ice.
Foot frozen to ankle. Burns above
Foot is one giant blister.
Day of amputation
2 weeks after amputation
Healed stump

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  1. brilliant job done wish I could do it to wear a prosthetic leg...

  2. Mental Illness is ALIVE and WELL - no pun intended.