Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eye Trauma

Penetrating injury to the orbit. CT showing upward displacement of the globe.

The key penetrating the left orbit

The key penetrating the left orbit

The foreign body. Scale in cm.

LINK(to the above four photos)


Lower eyelid laceration in an 8-year-old child - LINK

Injury incoming projectile from a firearm in the frontal region. Bruising on the left eye due to fracture of the skull base

Close-up of a 52-year-old woman with a black eye (periorbital bruising) caused by a fall. - LINK

Management of extensive maxillofacial trauma with bony foreign body within - LINK

"Raccoon eyes" resulting from the output projectile from a firearm.

Black eye

"Raccoon eyes" - eyelid bruising resulting from a  skull base fracture

Facial trauma

Chainsaw kickback - LINK

Eyelid laceration

Eyelid laceration

Multiple lacerationsm involving upper and lower lid with open globe injury - LINK 

Eyelid injury - LINK

Open eye injury, complex traumatic retinal detachment

Lower lid laceration involving tear duct

Lacrimal injury

CSF leak from gunshot to the head - LINK

Eye trauma part I

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