Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pink Graves

Pretty in pink the tombstone says: Mrs. Guadalupe Luna de G. 1931-1990. "Mom we remember you with love. Your husband and sons". - LINK

By Marie "La Mochilera" on Flickr

Pink tomb in Humahuaca, Argentina - LINK

By melindayiti on Flickr

Pink angel with flowers on a recently painted grave, overlooking the sea of Cortez, San Rosalia, Mexico - LINK

Pink tomb and a lot of potted ZempasĂșchitl and magenta velvet flowers.  By Nell M on Flickr



Pink tombstone in Concordia Cemetery, El Paso TX - LINK

Niche painted pink in a Phillipines cemetery - LINK

The grave of OFFENBACH - LINK

Pink crypt in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. By VonMurr on Flickr

By VonMurr in Flickr

Pink grave in Valence Cemetery - LINK


Pink Grave in Cuernavaca, Mexico. By VonMurr on Flickr

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