Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pet Charnel Houses in Japan

In Japan, dogs today live an average of 11.9 years, in the 1960's when dog food was first introduced they lived up to three years. A pet owner whose pet has died can have the cremation done at their homes with a Buddhist priest at the funeral ceremony and have the ashes placed in a charnel house. Some pets are given funerals like those given people, where the deceased is placed on a futon and family gather around for an all-night wake. Afterwards an altar with the pet’s picture is set up.

Though burying your pet in a pet cemetery is available,  cremation is optimal. The ashes can then be picked up and taken home, or you can pay for a 'plot', which resembles a cubby hole in the pet memorial charnel house. These charnel houses charge yearly for space and give you enough room to store your pets ashes along with a photo and often something that belonged to the pet such as a toy, or their collar and leash.

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