Monday, February 6, 2012

Eye trauma

A)Stray bullet injury. Bullet entered right temple and exited the left, both eyes destroyed.
Right eye in patient A
Left eye of patient A

Flying object hit the eye causing irreparable damage
A penetrating injury to the eye with a large scleral laceration.
A severe eyelid laceration involving both the upper and lower lids
Palpebral avulsion
Dog bite wound, right frontal, temporal areas with soft tissue damage
Corneal laceration with a prolapsed iris
Corneal laceration
Corneoscleral laceration
Eyelid laceration
sutured eyelid wound accompanied by a subconjunctival hemorrhage
Foreign body(nail) globe penetration
Globe rupture
Right eyelid laceration with involvement of medial canthus.
Eyelid trauma
Full-thickness eyelid injury

Trauma involving the lower eyelid
Trauma involving the lower eyelid(close-up)

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  1. Pretty gruesome, hopefully should help me encourage my parents to let me buy some expensive cycling glasses...