Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turning graves into tacky shrines

In modern Britain, as these photos show, there is a growing trend in England for graves to be adorned with toys, plastic ­ornaments and trinkets, balloons, wind-chimes and hanging objects.
SOUTHAMPTON: A corner of Hollybrook Cemetery, dedicated to children

SOLIHULL: A life-size effigy of Danny Pedley, arm resting casually on his gravestone, is an arresting sight at Widney Manor Cemetery, Bentley Heath. Danny is wearing a grey, green and white Nike tracksuit - as he did in life, according to his mother Debbie. 'The resemblance is uncanny, it looks more and more like him every day. The statue was made in China and cost £8,000. I go to the grave everyday to change his hat and give him a little kiss,' she says.
MANCHESTER: A riot of pink and blue toys covers this grave at Gorton Cemetery

A smiling cuddly toy resembling a scarecrow is the unusual centerpiece of this grave in Cardiff

a stone sculpture of Bart Simpson, sits solemnly on the grave of David Josh Cameron at West Road Cemetery. David died in 2004 aged just seven after being knocked down by a car on a pedestrian crossing near his home while out playing with friends.

an effigy of cartoon hero Ben 10 stands among a tide of toy animals, flowers and crucifixes on the grave of seven-year-old John James Heneghan at West Road cemetery.
Photos and information from the DailyMail

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