Saturday, January 5, 2013

Necklace Made From Human Teeth

Human tooth necklace on display at the Bower’s Museum of Cultural Art in Santa Ana, California - LINK

Musee d'arts premiers Human teeth necklace. - LINK

Tooth Necklace displayed at the Naprstek Museum in Prague. Photo by panavatar on Flickr

Human tooth necklace located at  The National Museum (or Museum Gajah) in Jakarta, Indonesia - LINK

Human Tooth Necklace (Vuasagale), 18th – 19th Century, Fiji, Polynesia - LINK

Tooth Necklace worn by Dr. “Painless” Parker dated at about 1892. - LINK

Necklace comprising both human and animal teeth - LINK

Necklace with human teeth incisors, North Congo. - LINK

Woman holds a necklace made of hundreds of human teeth. Photo credit: Richard Hewitt Stewart - LINK

One dentist, self-dubbed "Painless Parker" claimed to have pulled all 357 teeth in this necklace in one day. - From the Dental Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Curious Expeditions' on Flickr
A necklace of antique false teeth - LINK

Human teeth necklace containing 138 human teeth, Western Polynesia, Fiji - LINK

Necklace made of human teeth at the Auckland Museum, New Zealand - LINK


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