Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snake Bites II

 Thirty-year-old patient with swelling extending beyond the affected limb (to trunk), many hemorrhagic blisters, necrosis, coagulopathy and gingival bleeding 24 h after Bothrops asper bite.- LINK
Two-year-old patient bitten three times on the leg 12 h before by Bothrops asper - LINK
 Bleeding from the gums and into the floor of the mouth following a bite by a saw-scaled viper (Echis ocellatus) in Nigeria. (Copyright of Dr David A Warrell). - LINK
Penetrating eye injury following a snake attack. Photograph showing teeth marks. Those from the upper jaw cross the medial canthus onto the globe. - LINK
(Mangrove snake(Boiga dendrophila) bite - LINK
Malayan Pit Viper(Calloselasma rhodostoma) bite causing overt bleeding - LINK
Four days after the bite of a black-necked spitting cobra - LINK
Cobra breeder bitten by his pets - LINK
Stiletto Snake bite - LINK
Bushmaster Bite (Lachesis muta muta) - LINK
Envenomation of a Bothrops asper - LINK
Necrosis from the bite of a West African Carpet Viper - LINK
Finger necrosis after bite from a Malayan Pit Viper - LINK
Gingival haemorrhage in a patient bitten by a saw-scaled or carpet viper(Echis ocellatus) - LINK
12-year-old patient who sought medical attention 36 h after severe B. asper bite on a hand, and treated initially by traditional healers -  LINK 

Other Bites

Black Widow spider bite - LINK
Piranha bite - LINK

Snake Bites Part I

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